Special Workshop with Aunkai (July 2018) 合氣道 研習班

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

我們將會邀請來自Seishin Tanren Dojo 的 Xavier Duval 參與合氣道的研習班。這是一個珍貴的機會去學習和認識Aunkai方面的知識,並關注如何在練習中適當地使用身體。

在本次訓練中,Xavier會介紹基本的步法。 步法是指日常的站立和坐姿,對於日常生活是不可或缺的,但也是武術運動的基礎,尤其是合氣道。

第一節: 投技練習,指導員 Jerald Tai 第二節: Aunkai基本步法練習,指導員 Xavier Duval

更多有關Aunkai的資訊可瀏覽: https://www.aunkai-tokyo.jp/en/aunkai

More and more practitioners

​We invited Xavier Duval from Seishin Tanren Dojo to participate an aspect of the Aiki. This is a very good opportunity to learn and comprehend the basics of Aunkai.

In this session, Xavier will cover the basics of walking. Walking, similarly to standing and sitting, is essential to daily human movement, but also forms the basis to movement in martial arts, and in Aikido in particular.

The workshop will be separated into two sessions.

Session 1: Nage-waza by Jerald Tai Session 2: Basics of Walking by Xavier Duval

For more information about Aunkai: https://www.aunkai-tokyo.jp/en/aunkaimaybe this explains better what it is.

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