Joining Hong Kong Aikido Honshinkai

We offer Aikido training in government training facilities.

If you would join us, please submit the following items :

  1. Application Form

  2. Copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport

  3. Training Fee


HK​​$800 per month

For the age of 18 and above

  • We can adjust the training fee for the first-month when heretofore for two weeks. Please contact us for further arrangements.

Dedicated Member

HK$400 per month

For the age of 60 and above

  • We can adjust the training fee for the first-month when heretofore for two weeks. Please contact us for further arrangements.

Junior Member

HK$500 per month

For the age over 14 but under 18

  • We can adjust the training fee for the first-month when heretofore for two weeks. Please contact us for further arrangements.

Prepayment Discount Plan

$2,160 per season

Prepay for 3-Month in January, April, July and October and enjoy a 10% discount.

Calculated; ($800 × 3 months = $2,400 - 10% = HK$2,160)

  • This offer is non-refundable

  • We reserve the right of final decision


HK$100 per visit

Visiting from other Aikido Dojo | 來自其他合氣道道場

  • The Mat Fee does not include any official record for grading and relevant certification;

  • recommended to contact us before the training, and

  • perusal our Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver

For Those Who Want to Visit or to Get Started


Aikido is a martial art that has no competition and exercises physical and mental health through continuous practice with its opponents. At the same time, because it is a unique martial art in Japan, the practices and habits in the dojo are in accordance with the traditional Japanese form. Therefore, to visit or get started, please first understand the exercise of Aikido according to the following rules.


1. About beginners: 


For those are interested to learn Aikido are advised to visit first and get to know whether the practice content and Dojo policy are suitable for them. Because it takes a certain amount of time to practice and progress in martial arts. Please consider to anticipating for at least a half year of training and to attend no less than 2 sessions a week


You may visit and observing our training anytime, who wants to visit are advised to contact us by phone, E-mail or communication software (like WhatsApp) in advance.  Please enter the dojo before the practice begins, we may not able to entertain the visitors during our practice


The basic requirements for joining Aikido based on the fact that there is no major health issue.  We have no gender, racial and religious discrimination for anyone.


2. About the Participation of Experienced Aikidoka:


We welcome other Aikido fellows from other Aikido Dojo to join our practice.


Please wear a white belt (Yudansha must wear black belts with the Hakama) for the training. Women above 4th kyu (grade) should also wear the Hakama.


Please follow the duty-instruction during the practice.



3. About Short-Term Training (Visitors Attending Exercises)


For mutual respect, visitors should contact us in advance before the designated practice date. Those who are late without proper reason may not be allowed to join our practice. Please inform us of your best if you know you would be late.


The purpose of Aikido practice is to "Enhance our performance in martial arts through exercises together", so visitors who have other improper intentions are not welcomed.


In order to avoid disturbing the practice and the conditions of the dojo, we have declined the visit for the social purpose


The practice instructions on the dojo are guided by the duty-instructor. The practice is carried out in accordance with the methods of our syllabus.



4. The Practice Fee:


We are a non-profit organization, the operating expenses are all supported by the practice fee. Therefore, all participants must pay the training fee at the beginning of each month. Unless it is a special workshop, the number of hours of practice is not limited.


Anyone is welcomed to have a one-time trial practice.


No refund for the training fee except a payment error in a reasonable manner.



5. Provisions for Training Dogi / Uniform:


The standard Aikido Dogi/Uniform, the White Aikido Suit (White Kendo or Judo suit), the white trousers, Yudansha (Black Belt) must wear Hakama袴.  For Beginner and Kyu grades, please tie White-belt.  Female above grade 4th Kyu/grade is allowed to wear Hakama for training.


The DoGi/Uniform should be prepared by yourself. If beginners want to buy Dogi, we provide purchasing service of the Dogi. Please let us know if you need our help.



6. Punctuality is important as you will miss the warm-up session. This may affect your physical performance and causing injury. Your lateness will also interrupt your training partners during the training.

7. Please inform in advance when Leave or Absent, prior notice is a basic etiquette of mutual respect.



8. Whether you are going to join us or just for a one-time trial session, it is better for you to read our Dojo Etiquette and Rules first.


If you need further information, please contact us directly.